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Opinion | Fights in a Crowded Hallway

The excitement of a fight stops a hallway’s flow any time no matter the intensity or size, but innocent bystanders should not be held accountable
Screen shot from one of the many videos circling the media

It’s a normal Tuesday morning, you suddenly hear screaming and everyone starts to crowd around. The hallways are nearly impossible to get through, and you’re getting suffocated by someone trampling over you to see the action. It’s 8:14 in the morning and you’re trying to squeeze your way through the halls.

A fight had broken out at Smoky on Nov. 14, with multiple students involved.

Three of them were female and 2 were male. The three female students proceeded to jump the two male students until the security guards broke it up. The fight lasted around two minutes, with the repercussions of the fight already being in effect.

By the time the fight was broken up the bell had officially rung. Morning fights are a partial cause of students being tardy. Which is why when fights break out students should be able to go to class tardy free.

Although fights are sudden, making an announcement that students caught up in the traffic of the fight should be allowed to be late free of a tardy pass would make a great impact on student’s attendance rates.

While staff may feel that students would take advantage of the situation, using the fight as an excuse to be over 10+ minutes late, it is crucial to give students a grace period as being at the wrong place at the wrong time is not the student’s fault.

Although some staff may think that students follow and over exacerbate the fight, the students who are just trying to get to class are also being punished, an extremely unfair situation for those simply trying to get through the fight. Despite the inherently chaotic nature of fights, the students who exist as uninvolved bystanders shouldn’t be held accountable or be punished for the action of unruly others.

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