Opinion | Cherry Creek’s Announcement About Deceased Seniors

The district should make an attempt to honor the lives of the seniors who have recently passed.


Faven Getnet, Staffer

As graduation season approaches, a difficult topic has come up in the Cherry Creek School District. Recently a petition has started for Eaglecrest High School to read the names of deceased seniors at this upcoming graduation ceremony. While the petition has gained attention, the Cherry Creek Schools spokesperson, Lauren Snell, stated that it’s not CCSD’s custom to mention deceased students and staff at graduation.

The families and friends of the deceased seniors may wish to honor their memory at graduation. It’s a difficult and emotional time, and it is important to approach this topic with sensitivity and sympathy. The decision to read the names of the deceased seniors at the graduation ceremony should be made with the affected families, as well as the school and district administration. 

Whatever decision is made, it is important to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away and to support their loved ones during this challenging time. I believe the school should do something to honor the seniors in some way, like saving an empty seat or having someone accept the diplomas for them. If Eagle Crest High School decides to read the names of the deceased seniors at their graduation ceremony, it could set a new pattern for the district. 

However, it is important to consider that the decision ultimately lies with the school and district administration. But they should ensure that the ceremony is handled in a way that is respectful and meaningful for everyone there. The memories of the deceased seniors will continue to be remembered by their families, friends, and the community.