No Delayed Start: How Students Got to School Today

With no delayed start and icy, snow covered roads, how did students get to school today?


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

With snowy conditions and slippery roads, students from all destinations and forms of transportation had different experiences getting to school today.

Many students across the building had expectations of having a snow day or at the very least a delayed start. 

“I think we did deserve a delayed start just to at least give time for the sun to come out and melt some of the snow or even just give people that plow it more time to plow the streets just so it’s safer for us to get to school and we’re not rushing,” Morgan Garst (12) said. 

According to The Weather Channel, four inches of snow has already covered the ground in the past several hours with more snow to come by the end of the day. 

This doesn’t make transportation to and from school for students ideal, rather unsafe and dangerous. 

“Where I live, it was really icy and so I wasn’t going to come to school because it wasn’t safe at all. But then I had a lot of assignments and a lot of stuff to do so I like muscled my way in and it took me an hour to get here because I live 20 minutes away but because of the ice, I wanted to be extra safe so I drove slow,” Shenarra Acquah (12) said. 

While some may commute to school by vehicle, others have to bring themselves to school a different way. 

“I walked and the weather was really cold and overall, the snow just sucked. Walking took about 40 minutes,” Jacob Moore (9) said. 

Students get to school from all different methods of transportation and destinations, whether they live five minutes away or even thirty or more. Nevertheless, morning routines had to be improvised to arrive at school on time. 

“I had to rush because I try to leave the house by 7:30 but because of the snow I had to clean my car off and leave by 7:00 so I could get on the road safely,” Garst said. 

Although every student will be sitting in their seat once class begins in the morning, they each have a different story on how they get to school. How did you get to school today?