New Hall Policy

The new implementation of the hall policy have mixed reviews from students and staff at Smoky


Faven Getnet, Staffer

Smoky Hill High School


A new policy has been established at Smoky where the doors in the activities hallway will be locked for student access to the academic halls ten minutes after the bell rings with adults there to supervise the doors and check for passes.

Security specialist Darnell Webb said, “I think it’ll work great because kids don’t like to listen. So we try not to put the hammer down on kids right now,”; the school has found a new solution to the problem about students wandering around in the halls that won’t be too pressuring on students.

The policy requires students to carry an active working pass to show to security so they can go back to class without getting in trouble.

“I blame the students because it’s their will and drive if they want to be in school to learn something. The teachers shouldn’t have to be babysitters,” Desire Young (12) said.

These are the rules and regulations for students to get them to stop wandering the halls during class. Adults will be at the academic doors to supervise the doors and check for passes.

“I think it will minimize the amount of students in the halls at first and then eventually everyone will find loopholes and it will go back to normal,” Anna Austin (9) said.

The school has seen inappropriate behavior on the rise this year.

“Sometimes students misbehave by vaping, walking around the hallways and just ditching class, things like that,” Darnell said.

However, students might not agree with this policy.

“I do not think this is fair for people on their offs. Offs are meant to be free for you to use how you see fit and if you are confined to one space then it’s harder,” Austin said.

A video was shown on Wednesday during advisory presented by Bruce Jones talking about the new policy saying every student should have a pass when traveling in the hallway.

This new rule also incorporates students who are on their off period. Webb said, “Students can either be in the cafeteria, library or off campus.” 

“It will help students to understand that they need to be where they’re supposed to be. If they want to walk around. It will teach them that they can’t walk around the school buildings if they want to not be in class. They need to make sure they go to class or off campus,” Darnell said.

Smoky officials believe that students will listen to these rules and will bring a change to the school.