Lockdown Drill

Kailen Theel, Staffer

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In a lockdown drill or actual situation, it is important that everyone is safe. In order for everyone to be safe, it needs to be practiced. How could students, our, and the district ensure that at the end of the day, everyone is safe and sound?

How could our district ensure our safety,“the district could increase security at all the schools.” Alex Burkhardt said. Most school’s security depends on the size of the campus and the amount of students. At Smoky Hill, there are seven security guards, but at Cherry Creek they have around ten to twelve security guards because they have a larger campus. Burkhardt wants to get more security, where we might get ten to twelve and Cherry Creek has thirteen to fourteen.

When it comes to real situational lockdowns, no long drills, students and staff are in real danger, ad students can do certain things to keep their safety, “they need to understand what’s going on and think about what would be happening if the situation was actually occuring and be taking in seriously as if it was real.” Ainsley Chang said. When the school goes into a drill, most students see it as a tiem to not do work and not as a time to practice being safe, they sit, talk, and make jokes. Students can help in lock down situations by taking it more seriously.

In most situations, the school can do the most help before the situation starts, “I think if there is more training for teachers and security on how to realize potential threats.” Mabry Robinson said. Students could be safer if teachers and security had more training in what to do, and know exactly what they are up against in when the school goes in a lockdown. In Florida, the R.O. was too scared to go into the school, if teachers got the proper knowledge they wouldn’t be so timid to go into the school.

If the district and the school can keep everyone safe, then they have done the job right. Nobody wants to think of being in a lockdown because there is someone threatening students lives, but it is perfectly fine to be prepared.

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