Nissan made a huge name for itself in the racing scene between the late 80s and late 90s with their “GTR” model sports cars.

Alexandra Lopez, Staffer

In 1931 “Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works” was changed to Nissan, the name that is most recognized in the present day. After some time, Nissan made the “Skyline GTR” a name known around the world. As reported in Nissan Global, the name “Skyline” started off as being owned by the “Prince motor Company” which was established in 1952. Later, in 1967, Nissan bought the “Skyline” name from them.

 Nissan went to work right away by launching their first-ever Skyline GTR, Launched in 1969.

Moving on to one of the most knowable cars in the racing world which will go down as one of the best competitive sports cars in racing history, the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR. It was launched in 1989 and produced all the way till 1994. 

According to Nissan News, the R32 went on to win every single Japanese touring car championship race from 199 to 1993 seasons. These championships had 29 races. It won every single one of the races, 29 out of 29. The R32 earned itself a huge rank and following during and after those years. People started calling it the “Godzilla” since it was so dominant and such a beast of a car.

Sadly, the Leaders of the Group A races banned Turbochargers and All-Wheel-Drive systems from competing, which the R32 had both. This was a devastating end for the R32 GTR.

This car went on to be one of the most loved Japanese sports cars by enthusiasts all over the world. This car was only made for the Japanese market and was never sent out by Nissan to other countries but that did not stop fans around the world from importing them to their country so they can have one for themselves.

 These cars really traveled all around the world. They can be seen at most car meets or shows. People modify them, put a lot of money into them and race them. The potential of these engines is unreal. When seen in the public, it most likely has over 600 horsepower, not a lot of them are kept unmodified rather instead pushed to their limits.

As claimed by Which Car, the Prices went from around $15,000 to around $60,000 very quickly. Some can now sell for over $200,000 if in pristine condition or if it is a special/rare trim level. This JDM car has had a crazy history in the racing community and even in just the Enthusiast’s eyes, it has won many races, shocked many people, and set the benchmark around the world for what a great sports car should be.