Is Finals Week Stressing You Out? Here’s Some Tips


Faven Getnet, Staffer

Just less then three weeks before winter break and finals; students are still stressing about grades. Robert Kennedy, a counseling coordinator from Smoky Hill High School, said “I found that students that plan ahead of time, do a better job with handling the stress that arrives, staying on top of things, making sure that they’re in good communication with their teachers, and they keep reviewing their notes. So again, not waiting till the last minute.”

He also mentioned, “before finals students should review the material they’ve covered throughout the semester working with their teacher to see if they can get an understanding of what’s going to be on the final. And study, don’t just cram it in one night study over a series of, days or weeks, if you have the time to do that.”

Kennedy added that, “it just depends. It varies from student to student, but I know a lot of success has come from students studying together and working together and going through questions together, and possible exam questions that they might encounter. So it never hurts to study in a group to prepare that way.”

Impa Bagur (11), a student attending Smoky Hill, said “last year before finals, I just kind of like went around and talk to all my teachers made sure like I knew what the finals were going to be and then did a lot of studying with like my friends because that was what motivated me to like actually study.” Bagur also said what she’s doing this year in preparation for finals; “um, pretty much the same thing. I want to start a little earlier but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. But the goal is to start a little earlier and just reach out to teachers a little more.”

Bagur said, “I just look over the material from the year and then make recite quizlets and like review materials so that I can study off of them.”

According to “10 Study Tips for Surviving Finals Week”, “Studies show that even the presence of a phone nearby is adequate to stop most people from studying efficiently.”

Wongeal Zelalem (9) said, “Since I don’t know how finals will be, but I’ll review the subjects I think will be the hardest. Also, my Friend and I wanted to make plans at the library to study together.”

Zelalem also said, “I don’t really have methods to study before finals but I like to work on one subject before moving on to the next one so I don’t miss important things.”

Kennedy believes that “probably the most stressful thing for the students that I’ve worked with has been trying to remember everything from a particular semester. So if it’s a comprehensive final, that can be difficult for kids. But I think, with that preparation, if they prepare ahead of time, it does help.”

Zelalem stated, “I try not to stress myself out too much before because I know if I get too freaked out I will forget things, so I will review the parts I have a harder time with so I know I am prepared.” She’s very right in that sense as stated research showing that taking breaks (anywhere from 5–60 minutes) from studying to refresh your brain and body increases your energy, productivity, and ability to focus.