How Students Study for Upcoming Finals

Methods to take advantage of in time for the upcoming finals week


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

There is less than a week away from finals week, where students take exams on what they learned for the whole semester. Studying during the two weeks prior is a big part of success for the final so what are smoky hill students doing to help prepare for these assessments? 

“I am studying an hour every night and focusing on two classes at a time,” Ruby Igle (9) said.

For some students trying to remember what they learned is a big task.

“I am feeling pretty good and confident about finals, I feel like everything I have learned has prepared me well for finals,” Igle said.

Students have personal methods to share when studying for finals.

“I do Quizlets. It is a useful tool to get the information down stuck in my head,” Savannah Salazar (9) said.

Finals week brings mixed feelings in the building.

“I feel semi-confident for finals I feel like I need to study some of the material I’m not as comfortable with,” said Salazar who has shared her dislike for finals, “I think they are stupid it puts so much stress on students just for a test.”  

Freshman Cinthia Rosales sheds light on students’ grades going into finals. 

“In my opinion, I think they will drop because their way of grading is at a higher percentage. I think their grade will drop and it doesn’t seem fair when they have been working hard all semester,” Rosales said. 

Alongside students, teachers are present to guide and aid them through the process.

“The teacher has given me a study guide and I have been going through notes. I am a visual learner so I draw things to remember the information,” Rosales said, who uses these techniques to study for the upcoming test. “To be honest I am not. I don’t do very well under pressure. so I feel I want to as well. You are naturally stressed doing tests which puts more pressure on students,” Rosales said, who is nervous about upcoming tests. 

All students are different and have different ways of studying and different ways of dealing with the tests because they are all different learners. How can you find a way to reach success with finals?