How do Students Feel About the Water Fountains?

Students’ inputs on the deteriorating water fountains all throughout the school.


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

Going around the building, one might notice the number of water fountains closed and broken. How do the students feel about this?  What do they think could be done to get them back and to work? 

We know the school doesn’t get as much funding as the rest due to its smaller size. Here’s how the students feel about this.

“Of course, we should. Smoky has over two thousand students and lots of things need help in funding and fixing things like the broken water fountains,” Jahara Veal (9) said.

Many students want the building to have more funding so it can become a better place to learn and help provide certain needs to kids like water fountains.

“I think Smoky should get more funding because we are the best school and to keep it being the best school it should get more funding,” Lucy Johnson (9) said.

This student feels very passionately about the building being the best school and most students feel this way and want it to be able to function at the bare minimum.

How do students feel about the water fountains being closed?

“It’s sad because it makes it difficult for people to fill up the water bottles it is very inconvenient for people without water bottles,” Sophia Ashley (9) said.

Some students don’t have access to water bottles or cups and are in need of these fountains a lot. 

“I’m very upset you know I get really thirsty sometimes and most of us don’t come to school with water bottles,” Veal said.

Students need to have more water fountains accessible to them, whether they bring a water bottle or not.

“I’m furious about the water because I get thirsty and don’t have a water bottle and now when I’m thirsty I can’t have the relief of drinking water,” Johnson said. 

These students are very pro at fixing up the water fountains so everyone can drink water at school without lugging a water bottle around. But how should we go about fixing this problem? These students shared some of their ideas.

“Get people to actually fix them and speak up about this issue,” Ashley said.

“Maybe we could do some sort of fundraiser to get the money and help get them running again. If the problem is money for the school,” Johnson said.

All of these students had something to say about this topic and the opinion was that they wanted this fixed. Together, the school should try to find a solution to this problem that is bothering these students because this school is for the students.