‘Gemini Rights’ Album Review

Is the recently released album put out by Steve Lacy worth listening to?


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

Alternative R&B artist, Steve Lacy has been actively touring North America for his latest album release, “Gemini Rights”. The tour kicked off at Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado as the first location for Lacy’s “Give You the World” tour. 

I had the opportunity to attend the “Give You the World” tour’s first concert location at Ogden Theatre. I got the first-hand experience of listening to and appreciating the album in an environment with a handful of other superfans of Steve Lacy. It’s safe to say that it was a memorable and enjoyable experience that’ll be hard to forget. The concert made me grow more appraised for the album “Gemini Rights” and songs from past albums that Lacy performed. 

As an avid listener of Steve Lacy, I have intricately reviewed his entire discography and latest album release over the past few years up until this moment. “Gemini Rights” marks Lacy’s completion of his third album alongside “Apollo XXI” and “The Lo-Fis”. 

“Mercury” and “Bad Habit”, two of the tracks off of “Gemini Rights” were released prior to the album as pre-release songs. 

“Bad Habit” swiftly grew in popularity on media platforms like Tik Tok and landed Lacy a number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Although it’s a great song to get into his discography and the album, I believe that there are several other tracks that do Steve Lacy justice as a musical artist.

For a new listener to Steve Lacy, songs on “Gemini Rights” that I consider perfect 10s are “Helmet”, “Buttons”, “Sunshine”, and “Give You the World”. 

“Helmet” has an upbeat melody whilst “Buttons” is more tranquil and slow. These two songs complement each other well and stand solidly individually as well. 

“Sunshine” is a track that was produced by Lacy and co-producer of the album Foushee, who ended up being the opener for his tour. I’m a firm believer that “Sunshine” is one of the stronger songs on the album because of the guest feature Foushee and the fast-paced beat that is prevalent throughout the entirety of the song. “Give You the World” shows Lacy’s softer and quieter side. I enjoy listening to this track because of the calm mood that was implemented onto it, a perfect song for slow dancing. 

Despite “Gemini Rights” being a well-produced album, there were a few tracks that were harder to get into.

“2Gether” is an interlude for the album. Interludes are the little songs placed between the “full” songs on an album, short morsels of sound to bridge the gap from one theme or mood to the next. Because “2Gether” is just an interlude, it wasn’t a favorite of mine on the album having a duration of less than a minute. 

“Cody Freestyle” and “Amber” are tracks that are very mediocre in comparison to Lacy’s stronger tracks on the album. Meaning, they still are two very well-made songs but the others stuck out to me more. 

Overall, “Gemini Rights” was a brilliantly produced album by Steve Lacy. The unique attributes that he curated into each of the songs make me fully understand the popularity he has grown so abruptly over the past few months. 

I hope that over time, Lacy will continue to grow more recognition for his inventive discography including the recently released album “Gemini Rights”. “Gemini Rights” is now available to listen to on music-streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.