From a Student’s Perspective: 2022

What made 2022 memorable and 2023 a year to look forward to for students?


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

The year is finally coming to an end and so is the school semester. Students across the building take the time to reflect on the year and look forward to the upcoming year once finals week is over and winter break begins.

What was the most memorable moment for students this year? 

“This summer because I was able to like hang out and see my friends more than I usually am,” Emily Fuina (9) said.

2022 gave students the opportunities and events to make it another eventful and momentous year. 

Some went outside of the building to experience places that aren’t as familiar to them.

“When I went to California and Las Vegas just because it was like a culture shock seeing a city because I haven’t been to a city in a really long time,” Ilias Alaffi (11) said. 

Other students like junior Deena Safiulla spent the remainder of her sophomore year in Jordan, to finish her semester studying abroad in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.

“The whole year I went to school and school there [Jordan] was really different from here because it was like all IB, it was like fully IB so all our grades were on the IB scale, which was nice to some extent, but also just like the way that they teach is really different,” Safiulla. 

In contrast to other students in the building, Safiulla had a completely different experience in 2022 whilst living in Jordan. 

“I had a host family which was really cool. So I had a host mom and an older host sister and older host brothers, so they like drove me around everywhere. It was so fun. It was so fun and like just the culture there, it’s very nightlife so nobody exists during the day. It’s like the city is just kind of like quiet but like at night everybody starts to come out and so I think that was so fun,” Safiulla said. 

From a student’s perspective, 2022 has been filled with school, summer break, and quality time with the people around them. With a new year comes new resolutions that many would like to seek for a new and improved 2023. What goals are going to try and be achieved this upcoming year?

“I think to be more like, present in the moment because I feel like time went really fast this year. And I’m trying to like, savor it more,” Fuina said. 

As the pace of high school quickens year by year, the want to be more physically present and aware of the ongoings of school and the world is a norm for students.

“I think just like, connect with people and connect with like, everything going on and just kind of like make it work and do well in school and like everything,” Safiulla said.

For students who grapple with school, extracurriculars and a social life, balance is key. 

Although the year is almost complete, students are let out on Dec. 22 for winter break. Winter break is brought with catching up on sleep, more time to spend with family and friends and of course, the holidays. While one might take the extra space of time at home, others will be having a busy travel season.

“I’m going to New York City,” Alaffi said, “I’m going to the Bronx and Queens.”

The United States isn’t going to be the only destination this holiday season.

“I’m going to Italy, like Friday is my flight and I’m really excited. So we’re gonna go to like four parts of it and I’m just really excited for the food and just like experiencing the cultural difference,” Fuina said, “I’m going to Florence, Venice, Bologna and Rome.”

With high hopes for the new year around the corner, it is needless to say that students will be taking full advantage of the upcoming break just right after the academically busiest week of the year, finals week.

The new year will be bearing new resolutions, new experiences and new reflections overall. With high expectations, students will be hopeful for a bigger and better 2023.