“For the children”: Proposition FF Will Provide Free School Meals in the 2023-24 School Year


Zakary Peterson

School cafeteria worker Deborah Ronde helps prepare and serves students’ breakfast in the morning.

Zakary Peterson, Co-Editor

“The benefits are for the children,” cafeteria worker Deborah Ronde said about Proposition FF.  The ballot measure will provide free school meals for Smoky students starting in the 2023-24 school year. But it’s not only for Smoky students, as the proposition will fund all public schools with free meals for students.

According to BallotPedia; in addition to free school meals for students the measure will also allow for “increase[d] wages or provide stipends for individuals whom the participating school[s] employ to directly prepare and serve food for school meals.”

Allowing for increased wages and free meals, the proposition passed easily with well over a 10-point lead; as it had the approval of 56.7% of Colorado voters. Gabe Beno (11) said “The good outweighs the bad,” about the need for $100 million per year in order to fund the program. It will raise the required money by increasing taxes on Coloradoan residents making $300,000 or more.

“I think it’s fair,” Genesis Martinez (11) said about the cost. Although, this ballot will aid families who are less fortunate in being able to afford meals as Martinez said, “I know myself, I kinda stopped eating school lunch because we[my family] couldn’t afford it.”

Martinez also added that “honestly it’s free lunch for students who usually can’t even afford it. And even if it is too expensive, it would help a lot of kids who don’t even eat food or lunch at home.”

For those who can’t afford meals CCSD Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Kim Kilgore RD, SNS said “this will have such a positive impact for all students, especially those that just miss qualifying for the current meal program and removes any stigma attached to the meal program.”

Proposition FF will ultimately impact many students all around Colorado as Kilgore said “I anticipate our numbers will continue to increase year after year due to this legislation and look forward to serving our students with continued excellence.”