Covid-19-Mask SHHS

Masks are mandatory for all staff and students.


many colors of masks

Tayler Sewick, Staffer

This year all school districts are making wearing masks mandatory for all staff and students. Even though some or even most people don’t like it they have to do it if they want to keep their students coming into school. Some schools were not so prepared for this to happen so they’ve already had to shut down and go completely online. So if you want to stay in school and not online make sure to wear your masks.

After the school year started all of the students realized that there are a lot fewer people in the school a day because of the separate cohorts, and everyone had to have a mask on or they wouldn’t be allowed in the school unless they have special permission not to have a mask. 

 Junior Jade Miracle feels that “they are a little inconvenient because oftentimes, you can’t really understand what people are saying but they are needed to keep all of safe,” said Jade.

So some people don’t like masks because it makes it hard to hear people and some tie hard to breath, but masks keep people safe and that’s all there is to it.

Trevor Van Agrees, who is a security guard and baseball coach agrees that masks are a necessary thing “If it keeps us safe and kids healthy and keeps adults safe, I think we need to wear the masks to stay in school,” said  Trevor Van

So masks are a very needed step for getting students through this school year. But if nobody had masks we wouldn’t be able to have in-person school days and it would all be online. And if the school went fully online most of the students would probably start failing their classes so let’s not let that happen.