Car Accident Causes Tardiness

Another car accident happens on Smoky Hill Road early Monday morning before the start of class


Rainey Sharp, Staffer

Early on Mon., May 9, two vehicles collided at the intersection at Smoky Hill and Chambers.

A white Honda and a grey Toyota hit each other, with both fronts of the cars smashed and littered on the road. Cops and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene of the accident, blocking oncoming drivers from heading further down Smoky Hill Road. Cars heading toward it had to turn and take a detour down Chambers Road. Traffic backed up, leaving many delayed by around 10 minutes. An hour after the accident, traffic was still slow and clogged, and the accident had not yet been cleaned up. As of now, the condition of the drivers and passengers is unknown.

The staff at Smoky Hill might be unaware of the accident, but students that were late because of the build-up were still given tardy passes on their way to class.