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Why I Chose Lacrosse Over Baseball

Although both are amazing sports, I couldn't play both.

Rhonan Norvell, Staffer

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After years of preparation to get to a point to compete for a spot on our high school baseball team, including playing spring and summer ball my freshmen year, continuing in the Smoky Hill baseball program wasn’t just an option anymore. It was a necessity.

To get a chance at playing time, there were other necessities. You couldn’t miss a practice, you had to participate in all of the other activities, including meetings, fundraisers and any other events related to the baseball program itself.

After those years of preparation and developing my skills in baseball, I could already see myself playing at the next level.  So moving on wasn’t exactly the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

The I had put all of my time into practice and being a part of the team. The rewards, both mentally  as well as my skills on the field, weren’t showing the benefits of all my hard work. With the summer season at an end, I had already made my decision. And that was to switch to Lacrosse.

Baseball is not a physical sport in the slightest and I have always been more aggressive than many people my age. Naturally, the fit with me and baseball wasn’t quite right. Lacrosse automatically fit my personality, and it was a huge stress reliever from the start.

From the first moment of picking up a stick and throwing a ball around with my older brother, I knew that switching was the best option that I could have made. Another huge positive that was evident from the very beginning was that the brotherhood of the team was closer than any other team I had ever been on before. This closeness is an important factor on and off of the field, and that is truly a driving factor as to why I will continue in my brotherhood of Lacrosse.

Lacrosse has already given me a very healthy escape. It allows me to work hard, and leave everything on the field while still having a great time.

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Why I Chose Lacrosse Over Baseball