Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Every year the first snow comes to Colorado and it brings some thoughts!

Tyler Dortch, Staffer

Every year in late fall, the first snow comes to Colorado. Some students at Smoky love the snow and relish in it. While others hate snow with a diabolical passion. Sophomore Mia Lucas said, “I don’t like the cold. I enjoy heat”. Some students may need to walk in the snowy conditions for a while to get to school for the day.

The snowy weather can cause challenges to student drivers. Icy roads are hard to navigate for new drivers. Junior, Muhammed Afia said, “I think it’s really pretty, but it’s too cold.” Afia walks home every day, even in the snow.

As of writing this article, it’s 20 degrees at Smoky Hill, that’s 12 degrees below freezing! Some students stayed home because of the violent weather. Sydney Borrego was one of those kids who stayed home. Borrego said, “It looks cool, but It’s cold and icy for me to go to school”.

Contrary to popular belief, some staff enjoys the snow. “I like it, It makes me think of warm and cozy things. Like cozying up in a blanket,” said Mrs. Patton. Friday it isn’t forecast to snow, this snow isn’t going to stay on the ground for long. It should stop snowing around 12, yet it will most likely stay on the ground for the whole day.

There were no school closures in the Cherry Creek School District, to some students and staff despair. The snow show will be back this month, only time will tell when the next snow show will arrive.