Too Much Homework

Everyone’s worst enemy, homework, sometimes too much, is really just too much.


Avery Bailey, Staffer

Although we complain about homework, it is an important part of our day to day memory of what we learned. Studies show that homework helps us better retain the information from the day. But, there is such a thing as getting too much homework, and this can have a bad effect on students.


Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education found that too much homework can have a counter effect and be counterproductive.


Pope conducted a study to see the effects of too much homework. One effect was that 56 percent of students said that homework was the primary source of their stress. Another effect was that the students homework load led to sleep deprivation, and other health problems such as, headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and stomach problems.


Having a big homework load also has a negative effect on social life. The study showed that kids were not meeting their “developmental needs and critical life skills.” The students were more likely to not see their friends and family, and even dropped activities to focus on their homework.


Making sure that this doesn’t happen to students, should the teacher limit the amount homework, or should the school limit the amount it?