Tensions Rise in Crimea

Crimea is an autonomous republic, which is similar to a province or state, currently belonging to the southeastern region of Ukraine in the Crimean Peninsula near the Black Sea, but it might not be for long. A large percentage of the population in Crimea is Russian, and Crimea originally belonged to the Soviet Union. Now, Russia is attempting to reclaim the land and a majority of the world is fighting back.

The United Nations Security Council met on March 15, where the United States proposed a resolution to the situation.

The resolution stated that the referendum in Crimea [a general vote by the people of the region on a political issue] on the issue would be illegal, and that Ukraine’s possession of land should be respected.

Thirteen members supported the resolution, but Russia vetoed it and China, one of Russia’s allies, remained out of the vote. The situation regarding Crimea remains unresolved.

People everywhere are deciding to be either Pro-Ukrainian or Pro-Russian on the Crimea issue, especially in the Ukraine and western Russia like Moscow.Such strongly opposing groups in the same regions has led to riots and other acts of violence, ending in injuries, and even death.

Since the beginning of March, Russian troops have taken control of Crimea and Ukraine’s troops in Crimea have been authorized to use weapons.

“I absolutely hate [the violence]!” says Dagnea Goraya, a junior from Astana in northern Kazakhstan, south of Russia. “I don’t see why this should be turned so violent. I’m worried about my friends, and even my family.”

Dagnea has a lot of west Russian influence, and has quite a few friends from the Ukraine, a couple of which are only about an hour away from Crimea.

“I just want everyone to be safe,” Goraya said. “Overall, I feel that Crimea should stay with the Ukraine.I just feel that it has been so long, that it’s unnecessary for them to rejoin Russia. I see no point.”