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Wrestling Managers

Wrestling Managers

Stephanie Martinez, Staffer

January 27, 2019

The wrestling team at Smoky has gone through so many changes this past couple of months, so I wanted to see how the managers were doing. B’Elanna Sanders, junior, has been a manager since her freshman year. “What made me want to become manager was my mom,” Sanders said, “She was in school and I wanted...

Hillside Pride

Dylan McKee, staffer

February 12, 2018

The students at Smoky Hill have always been supporters and fans for their schools teams, but with a top 10 ranked basketball team the energy at games is through the roof! On Wednesday Jan. 31, Smoky Hill’s basketball team had a road game at Cherokee Trail. With a 30 min. drive you could definitely...

Smoky Hill’s Birth of Broadcasting

Dylan McKee, Staffer

February 5, 2018

  If you regularly go to Smoky Hill basketball games, you might have noticed something new. In the back left corner of the west gym, there are student behind a table broadcasting the game. During the Smoky Hill Overland basketball game on February 3rd, Seniors Jair Thompson and Loren Perry were doing...

The Bumps and Bruises of Cheerleading

Dylan McKee, Staffer

February 5, 2018

With stunning backflips and pretty smiles a cheerleading team may not appear to be a tough crew but after looking into what it takes, your opinion might change. Without an offseason the cheerleaders are working hard day in and day out.   “Training to become a cheerleader requires a lot of conditioni...

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