Hillside Pride

With playoff season coming up, this award winning student section is ready to be herd!

Dylan McKee, staffer

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The students at Smoky Hill have always been supporters and fans for their schools teams, but with a top 10 ranked basketball team the energy at games is through the roof! On Wednesday Jan. 31, Smoky Hill’s basketball team had a road game at Cherokee Trail. With a 30 min. drive you could definitely say it’s a bit out of the way, but that didn’t stop a boisterous student section from coming out and getting loud. Earlier that month Cherokee Trail beat the buffs at home 55-53 in OT. So not only were the fans committed to being there but desiring revenge from the Cougars.


“Of course i’m going to come out and support! Just excited to watch this easy W!!” Said Senior Sean Schofield after speaking with Smoky Now pregame.


The student section obviously had expected a victory and right off the bat the buffs took a 43-20 lead in the first half. But this didn’t fly under the radar, CT had a student section of their own and started stirring the pot.


Freshman Ryan Keohane. “It’s going pretty good, I mean were competing with the CT student section but were better than them. Were louder, we got more spirit, and just way better. Bunch of factors,” Freshman Ryan Keohane said in the back of the pack at half time.


With the buffs not letting off the gas, the home team started comotion on the court which resulted in multiple technical fouls and ejections on both sides. But this only gave our fans more energy as they chanted “This is our house,” and “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye” while wrapping the the game 72-41!!


That week Smoky Hill’s student section won the “9Preps FAN-tastic series” and the basketball team walked away with three more wins. But you don’t have to trust a TV station to find out the power of the Smoky Hill fans, just go to the next game.