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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School

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Four healthy salads for spring

Autumn Olson, Editor
March 6, 2017
Filed under Opinions, Showcase, Sports

With spring coming up quickly and warm weather rushing in, it is time to skip your ordinary chicken salad and make quick, fun salads perfect for any occasion and weather to keep your mind and body healthy!   Pear greek salad Ingredients: One pear cut into slivers five strawberr...

The Flu

Elizabeth Fernandez, Staffer
November 15, 2016
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Student Life

It’s flu season and everyone from three month olds and older must receive a flu vaccine. Getting the flu vaccine helps to prevent influenza and is especially important for people who are at a high risk of serious complications of influenza. This involves virus infections of the upper respiratory tract ...

Smoky Hill’s 2016 Fall Craft Fair

Rhonan Norvell, Staffer
November 8, 2016
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Showcase, Student Life

With the craft fair taking place, every single parking space in both, the teachers and student lots, the whole activities hall, the upper and middle part of the cafeteria, and the whole West and East gym were filled up to the absolute maximum. Considering there were 78 booths in the East gym, 71 in t...

New graduation requirements for the class of 2021

Rhonan Norvell, staffer
November 3, 2016
Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, News, Showcase, Student Life

The requirements in order to graduate from any Cherry Creek school are changing for the class of 2021 and beyond. The current requirements include completing a minimum of 22 credits: Four credits of English and three credits each from all of the following: Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies....

Stop Clowning Around

Autumn Olson, Editor
October 6, 2016
Filed under News, Opinions

  With the upcoming presidential election, you would think my instagram and facebook feed would be full of memes mocking the two presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, however,with what started with just seeing a video of a “clown sighting” in Idaho on a newspaper page, has...

Secret Habits for A Great School Year

Secret Habits for A Great School Year

Elizabeth Fernandez, Staffer
August 22, 2016
Filed under Opinions, Student Life

Even if you were born a mastermind or have the brain of genius, getting good grades isn't always a walk in the park. I don't think I need to remind any student that schools subjects are difficult and at times seem impossible to understand. Even if you do understand the subject, you still need to dis...

Steps to plan for Success in the Fall

Nisha Razack, Staffer
May 13, 2016
Filed under Academics

Even though the school year hasn’t ended yet, it doesn’t mean that it's too early to start planning for next year. Here are four steps on how to be successful in the Fall. Get your Priorities Straight: What do you want to be different next year?? Student’s should have this question in mind when they are wri...

Snow Day

Autumn Olson, Staffer
March 23, 2016
Filed under News, Showcase

Autumn Olson All schools in Cherry Creek School district will be closed March 23 due to weather conditions. All after school programs in the district will be cancelled and all sport practices or events will also be postponed. Snow days affect everyone in different ways: “Snow days help me make up homework or g...

Join a Sport and Improve Yourself

Join a Sport and Improve Yourself

Issac Rodriguez, Editor
February 4, 2016
Filed under Opinions

Sports are a good way of improving students academic performance in school. Not only is doing an athletic sport a great way of staying in shape and maintaining students health, it is also a great way to improve their academic performance. Stated on TrueSport.com, sports play a primary positive...

Teen Gets Suspended For Wearing A Shirt.

Teen Gets Suspended For Wearing A Shirt.

Mýah Pitter, Staffer
October 5, 2015
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Opinions, Student Life

A South Carolina student at Chesnee High School got into a dispute with the school's administration as she was suspended for wearing a shirt that stated "Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian." Senior, Briana Popour said that she had ultimately come out as a lesbian, and states that she had worn the shirt before...

School Shooting Prevented by Snapchat

School Shooting Prevented by Snapchat

Amber Badger, Staffer
September 3, 2015
Filed under News

A junior at Northglenn High School, Kaylee, noticed a picture on her Snapchat stories that was rather alarming Monday morning. The snapchat was a picture from a student at Sierra Linda High School in Arizona. The photo had a caption on it that read "Planning the school shooting :) :) :)" Kaylee...

Welcome to Smoky!

Welcome to Smoky!

Elena Muniz, Staffer
March 19, 2015
Filed under Academics, News

As of Wednesday, Mar. 18, Smoky Hill's new principal was announced. Charles Puga, currently the principal of Ponderosa High School, will be taking the place of Smoky's current principal, Mr. Karr. Earlier this year, Mr. Karr announced that he is going to retire at the end of the 2014-2015 school year. ...

The student news site of Smoky Hill High School