Summer School Requirements

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Summer School Requirements

Dallas, Vieaux

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The sun is beating down on your already soaked back drenched in sweat, it would be normal to be outside during summer vacation but you decided that it would be in your best interest to take more classes over summer by taking summer school. However even though your body is telling you no, your brain is telling you yes.

There are many ways to get extra in school, one of them and probably the most efficient one is going to summer school.

If you decide to go to summer school you will receive a letter from the superintendent telling you and your parents why you will be attending summer school.  It will also inform you about where and when you will be attending, and it will tell you all of the requirements that you will need to follow at all times.

You will then have to go through the registration process on the “ or” where you will have to look at your powerschool history to see which classes you will have to take and you will pay for the courses on the same website, if you do not know what courses you should take then consult with your counselor, you will also pay for the courses on the same website.

There are many rules in summer school that will have to be followed, like if you have more than two absences you will be withdrawn from the program and will not receive any kind of refund.  There will be no excused tardies, and three tardies will equal one day absence.

Summer school is a great way to learn more in your teen years, and even if you sweat a storm your brain will thank you for the plentiful amount of knowledge it has learned.

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