Local Lunch

Should money be spent to put more local food in schools?

thiss_2A current bill in Colorado Legislature will, if passed, use around five million dollars to have more food from local sources in its school cafeterias. The bill already passed its first step Wednesday, but there is some debate as to how much good this bill would do.

“I feel that it [the bill] is a good idea,” states sophomore Shailyn Brillon. “It’s definitely a good feeling to know that you’re eating food from in-state instead of not knowing where it came from.”

According to local news sources 9news and The Coloradoan, the bill passed its step by one vote. Some argue that not all farmers can afford the upgrades even with the grant and that the program takes money away from education itself. Others still support better school food.

“I feel like the [school] food is good, it’s just more of the fact that it feels like it’s not fresh. It’s more of a heated-up type food,” Brillon explains.

According to The Coloradoan, the bill, if enacted, will help farmers to make upgrades over five years so the food can be sold directly to schools. This theoretically benefits both farmers and students alike. Shailyn Brillon, who eats lunch from the school’s cafeteria every day, believes that the added benefit to students is worth the cost.

“Yes, definitely [the bill proposes a good use for the money]. I feel like a lot more money should go towards education and making things better for the students,” Brillon describes.