Drug Culture at Smoky

The use and participation in substances by students in the community


The drug culture at school is a serious issue that affects many students around the world. Many students smoke, sell and buy drugs at school without worrying about getting caught.

“I can walk into a bathroom and be like hey, anyone got anything, and they can pull it out. It’s very easy,”  an anonymous male freshmen student  at smoky Hill said.

Students who use drugs frequently are comfortable discussing and accessing drugs from other students in school bathrooms.

Many of the students who have decided to use drugs at school, use frequently and have been caught on several occasions. Most students are apathetic about getting in trouble for the use of drugs at school. 

“I mean it’s only Saturday school you just gotta make sure you don’t get three strikes you know,” A student who preferred to remain anonymous said.

It was easy just because I used to have friends that would like to have it all the time. So it’s like, it was pretty easy to kind of get it,” Emily Orsornio (12) said, a former substance abuser.

Marijuana is not considered an “addictive drug”, but many who sell and buy marijuana have different thoughts on the process.

“You got to know people, and when you know people who are drug addicts it’s easy. They’ll take whatever you give them,”  said an anonymous sophomore female at smoky hill.

Many students who have decided to stop using drugs feel as though it has changed their life for the better.

“I used to do it about 4 times a week. I kind of just realized it wasn’t good for me and it wasn’t helping me improve myself,” Orsornio said.

It doesn’t help that students have such easy access to drugs, due to having friends who consistently have access to them. 

“If you know people then you just know people, I mean I get weed from my friends all the time,”  said an anonymous female freshmen at smoky hill.

When substance abusers aren’t getting drugs from their friends, they buy drugs from “plugs”, otherwise known as drug dealers.

An anonymous  female sophomore student at Smoky says, “Normally I don’t sell and I buy it from a plug.”

Some students say drugs aren’t as easy to obtain as some assume.

When asked how easy it was to get drugs, the same anonymous sophomore responds with, “Not that easy. I don’t know, there’s a lot of people who have them but they don’t share.”

Nicotine is another big source of addiction that many teenagers struggle with.

“About 4 of every 100 middle school students and about 1 of every 6 high school students have a nicotine addiction,” according to the Food and Drug Administration also known as the FDA.

I’m not a big smoker, but I fein a lot,”  said by an anonymous male sophomore  student at Smoky Hill.

The student admits to experiencing cravings for nicotine using the word “fein” to describe their desire to vape and use substances.  However, with enough support from the school, it can discourage kids from smoking or feeling the need to use drugs in the first place.

However, drug use does not impact all students at Smoky.

“I haven’t really encountered that many people who are on drugs at school, I do feel like its really who you hang out with though,” Micah Zucker (9) said.

In a state such as Colorado where marijuana and tobacco are legal to obtain, it makes the situation of students getting drugs even worse.  

“You can do whatever as long as it’s legal,” Zucker said.

Many students choose to have friends over the age of 21 buy drugs for them.

“My plug just got locked up for selling to kids,”  said an Anonymous  female Sophomore students at smoky hill.

Smoking and using drugs at school have become a normalized thing at schools. The more students choose to use drugs, the more it will affect not only them but the next generations to come.