Dogs Vs. Cats: Which One Is Better?

The different roles each pet plays and which one is better

Dogs Vs. Cats: Which One Is Better?

Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

Dogs and Cats are the top two most popular pets in the world, dog being number one and the cat being number two. Both these animals have many differences and it depends on the personality of the person to pick if they want a dog or a cat. The list of differences and comparisons to see who you think would be a better pet for your needs!


Both dogs and cats can be very loving but study’s say that dogs are five times more loving then cats, due to a study that scientists did for a BBC Two Mini Tv Series. Explained by the love hormone oxytocin, this chemical makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you love something, this chemical is a big part of the study. The scientists tested 10 dogs and 10 cats for oxytocin levels when they played with their owners for 10 minutes. It was shown that dogs increased 57.2 percent of the oxytocin hormone compared to the 12 percent increase for cats. This concludes that dogs are more loving towards owners.

Personality of the pets and needs 

Don’t count out cats yet because if you’re picking if you want a dog or a cat, your personality is a huge part of this too. Choosing between a dog or a cat can be a quite tough decision, a dog needs tons of affection while a cat can be more chill or introverted. Cats and Dogs have very different needs and characteristics. While your own preference can be a big role, your type of lifestyle is going to have an impact on your decision. It is shown that more laid back and introverted people have a cat more often than dogs but a more social and explored person is probably going to have a dog. The lifestyle you live can affect the choice of these two pets like how much time can you give to your pet, how much space can you provide and your activity levels.


When it comes to training these two animals, dogs are easier and faster to train most of the time. A dogs mentality makes him want to follow and listen to the leader, as well as being obedient with nature. Dog training has a lot of commands and teaching, in which they are eager to do these commands and happy to meet the desires of doing so. But every breed of dog can be different, as some can be more stubborn and it takes more time to train them correctly. On the other hand, cats can be trained to it just requires a lot of patience and consistency to get them past their natural nature. For cats you’re basically training them to respect boundaries. As potty training is known to be easier for cats than dogs, as shown cat potty training can be as easy as showing them where the litter box is. But potty training for dogs can be a lot harder especially for puppies, teaching them were to do their business can take a lot of repetition.


Certainly the amount of food you need for a cat or a dog varies on their size, but dogs need a lot more food than cats. Both cat and dog food come in wet or dry form. A cat needs 24-35 calories per pound in their food, for a 7 pound cat this means that they would roughly need 200-234 calories per day. For a dog they need 25-30 calories per pound and medium size or large size dogs weigh way a lot more than a cat. For an average healthy medium sized dog they would need 400 or more calories in a day. Cat food is typically more expensive than dog food but overall cats tend to be less money to maintain.

What do you think is a better pet? Remember it will be dependent on the person and what their personal needs and space is.