Criteria to Create a Club

Velencia Covarrubias, Staffer

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IMG__201505124__115347There are  many clubs and activities inside Smoky Hill, from ACE-engineering club to Yearbook. There are 55 clubs that are open for all students to participate in and thanks to the information provided at the activities office, it’s easy to find out information about clubs, their times, and their dates. At the base of many of these clubs is a student with an idea.

For example, Cinthia Jennings, a Smoky Hill graduate, started the Poetry club four years ago. Along with the help of  the counseling coordinator and former English teacher, Michelle Kleve. Jennings wanted this club to be created as a way to motivate herself and others to create more poetry. Her idea has become a very successful club that students attend and support.

The leaders of every club meet after school on Wednesdays, to discuss improvements, budgets, etc. In order to create a club, first there needs to be  a teacher or faculty member willing to sponsor the club. This is for obvious purposes such as making sure no one is fighting or burning down buildings.

After getting confirmation from the sponsor, the next step is to go to the activities office to fill out a form. This form asks many questions such as why the club should be created. It also leaves blanks for the students’ signatures that support and are willing to participate in this club, and asks for a description of the proposed club along with the goals for it.

When the form is filled out completely, turn it into the Activities Office where it will be looked over by Mr. Scott Cohen and either approved or denied.
The forms and answers to questions can be found in the Activities Office.

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