baseball lockout

Students and teachers interested in baseball find out what happened at the start of the season.


Alasyah Nettles, Staffer

Are you interested in baseball? The new season is being postponed because of the MLB
“Either make a deal that the players don’t feel is fair or continue to fight. At the end of the day, as you know, it’s the league’s lockout, and they can decide to end it whenever they want. The players don’t have a choice,” Rob said.

Manfred the new season was going to start on February 31 but has yet to start 2 weeks later and the MLBPA is not happy about it they are yet to play the opinions of some SHHS teachers are strong and some are just upset

“I was disappointed because I always look forward to baseball season because it’s like the start of spring and you know, the idea of like summers coming soon. So now that baseball is happening it feels like that’s been pushed back,” Mr. Hill said. And the fact that the plans are all messed up can be upsetting the MLB and the MLBPA have agreed,” reportedly.

Agreed to the framework of an expanded 12-team postseason field on Monday,’’ said the MLBPA and all its players.

The new season was postponed almost 3 weeks and they finally started the season by the MLB Players Association reached a deal for a new collective bargaining agreement but now the 162 games played will be a week late due to the lockout.