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ACE Club

Architecture, Construction management, and Engineering

Kailen Theel, Staffer

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Of the plethora of different clubs in the entire school, one of the most interesting clubs is ACE Club. An unexpecting student might notice the brightly highlighted posters scattered across the school, and not know what they do in the class. ACE stands for Architecture, Construction management, and Engineering. The name really shows what happens in ACE. The students learn from architects and engineers, and use that knowledge to design a structure, and build it.

The director of the club Mr. Paricio has been teaching the class for about ten years. Paricio said, “ I really don’t do the teaching that professionals do. I think it’s such a rare opportunity for high school students to get to work with actual professionals in the field and establish relationships that last a lifetime.” The club brings in professional architects and engineers to teach the students about what goes into designing a building.

Paricio further explains what the club is about, “I think perhaps the coolest part is that when our seniors graduate from ACE club, seniors who are going to pursue architecture and engineering are given scholarships by the mentors and their corporations.” In the last ten years Smoky hill graduations have earned over 100,000 dollars in scholarships. ACE is where a student can go to pursue bigger things on a academic level for their future.


Emanuil Sklianin, a returning club member, is doing exactly that. “I really want to be an architect when I grow up, and I want to go to a school for that. So it’s a perfect club for that.” Sklianin said. ACE has helped many students take their first step into planning their future in the engineering and architectural world.

“The social aspect of the group that your in, and just getting your ideas out with everyone else, and seeing what other people have to say about it.” This was Sklianin’s favorite part about ACE club. The club is a tight knit group of people working hard together to achieve their dreams.

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