7 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends During Quarantine

Staying connected is important during these times


Dawson Patterson, Reporter

So, we’re all going through tough times right now, not being at school and all. But I’m gonna give you a few ways to stay connected with your friends. It’s hard not to be able to go to a friend’s house, so try some of these other ways to contact your friends without being in the same room.

     1: ZOOM Chat and Video Conferencing

Yes, the program we use to call our teachers during office hours can be a little faulty, but it can also be very useful for getting in contact with your friends, whereas it might not have much to do, it’s still good for chatting with your friends. You can download it free at https://www.zoom.us//.

     2: BUNCH Video Chat and Party Games

This one is very unique in the way that it’s got many games you can play with your friends, such as, Pool (up to eight players.), Draw Party (Just a free draw game to play.), Trivia Superhighway (Ultimate Trivia), Mars Dash(Race your friends across the hills of mars!), and Flappy Lives(A competitive multiplayer Flappy Bird.) You can downoad it free at https://www.bunch.live/.

     3: Houseparty Social Networking

This one also has games, just not as many as BUNCH,  Houseparty is a free, fun video chat app with all sorts of games on it. Some of them include: Chips & Guac, Who’s In The House, and Heads Up. You can download it free at https://www.houseparty.com/.

     4: WAVE Video Chat Playground

This one only has a couple of games. They are: The One Card Game, This or That, The Mafia Game, Mobile Escape Room, Watch Youtube Videos, The Ocean’s Five, Drawing Quiz, Photo Sharing, and a variety of other mini-games. You can download it at https://www.wavetogether.com/.

     5: MeMe Live Stream Video Chat

This one is unique in the way that you can chat with your friends while LIVE Streaming your radio. You can do so much on this app that you wouldn’t believe it! You can do activities to win yourself prizes, you can gather followers, you can video chat, of course, but there are so many other  wonderful things you can do with this app. You can download it at https://www.meme.chat/.

     6: Sociable Chat and Party Games

This one is just like a lot of the other apps I’ve mentioned. It’s a fun, free social networking app that you can play games on. Some include: Backgammon, Rummikub, Wordy, AA, Battleship, Wizzle, Jellies, Pishti, Diamonds, XOXO, Jukebox, Match Pairs, and many more! You can get the app free at https://www.sociableapp.com/.

     7: Frill Live Stream Video Chat and Games

This one is awesome as well. You can do Karaoke, Dance Battles, Play Lots of Games, Get Gifts From Your Friends, Compete Head-to-Head, win prizes, and much, much more! You can download it free on your phone, laptop or tablet. You’ll have tons of fun!