Wish Week

Everyone gets to dress up and have great time with many different activities throughout Wish Week.


Bianca Richerson, Staffer


Wish week is the best week of High School. It’s every students favorite experience. STUGO is a great group of people that help make Wish Week very special. Two students that are in StuGo Frankie Corrado and Nolan Lee were interviewed.The first student interviewed was sophomore, Nolan Lee.He was questioned about StuGo preparing for Wish Week. The first question that was asked was, “ How does StuGo prepare for wish week?” Lee  replied saying, “ We first prepare by just planning what the activities are going to be and how we’re going to make our plan happen.” Nolan was very excited for the plans that StuGo were making for Wish Week.

Another student that was interviewed was junior, Frankie Corrado. He’s been in StuGo for three years now and he loves being part of it. He also was questioned about Wish Week. The first question that was asked was, “How does StuGo prepare for wish week?” Corrado   replied by saying,” Well, we’ve been preparing Wish Week for a month and a half now, but we help by making decorations and setting things up for the dance, pep assembly, etc.”Another question that was asked was, “How much or how long do you guys take a day preparing on Wish Week?” Corrado  answered, “ We take the whole class period working on multiple things and we work a lot during 3R, we work really hard.” StuGo is very helpful with Wish Week and we appreciate them making every event special.