Winter Sports at Smoky Hill High School

Learn more about what Smoky Hill High School can offer you.


Photo Credits: Desire' Young

Desire' Young, Staffer

Smoky Hill High School has a multitude of sports going on right now, ranging from basketball, swimming, ice hockey, track, cheer, poms, and wrestling. Sign-ups have concluded; but you can still be involved by going to the games and learning a little more about the sports Smoky has to offer.

If you are interested in joining next year, Madison Stangle (11) at Smoky Hill High School plays on the varsity basketball team for a second year and plans to continue throughout high school because of “the bonds it has given me and how fun it is.”

Of course each sport has its challenges, and one that Stangle faces is “the amount of communication and trust you need with your teammates to be able to execute the plan.” 

From the winter sports mentioned above, Madison Patterson (11) is on the girls wrestling team, which combines all of the Cherry Creek School districts. What Patterson likes about wrestling is that “there’s always something new to learn, and we practice every day after school.”

Danica Azumah (11) is on the girls’ varsity track team and runs sprint relays and hurdles. Playing sports, you face many obstacles, and some that Danica faces are “people faster than me, obviously, the workouts and conditioning.” 

Many people may not do sports because it could interfere with their academic life which could be hard to balance with a busy sports season. A tip Azumah gave was that “You need to keep yourself accountable and learn to discipline yourself to not wait until the last minute to get stuff done; if you have a free period at school or free time at your house, don’t go on your phone, pull out some homework.”

Smoky Hill High School offers a variety of different sports and possibly some of the multitude of winter sports above have piqued your interest.