Will You Get On Another Plane After This?

Have you ever had a calling?


Photo Credits: Desire' Young

Desire' Young, Staffer

Netflix series “Manifest” is Top 4 in TV Shows and Top 6 in Movies and T.V Shows across the U.S. Directed by David Frankel, Manifest is about 191 passengers on flight 828, whose plane mysteriously disappeared and all of the passengers were presumed dead for 5 and a half years. Until one day they all returned, with special “gifts” called the callings.

“Manifest” closely follows the Stone family, specifically 3 of the 5 family members who boarded the plane. Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela Stone, is the sister of Ben Stone, played by Josh Dallas. Played by Jack Messina, is Ben Stones’ twelve-year-old kid named Cal.

In seasons 1-3, the plot was very well scripted and also believable. The world was going crazy because of things they didn’t understand; people were being experimented on, stalked, and news crews at their homes; murders.

The show accurately described what would happen if this incident occurred in real life. The theme of the show was to portray that we are all “connected” since that phrase was used multiple times throughout the seasons and in multiple episodes, the plot would circle around the passengers coming together to figure out their callings.

The downside of “Manifest” is season four, the most recent season. The acting was off, considering seasons 1-3 when I felt like I was watching people’s lives unfold, but now it seems like the actors weren’t as invested, but overall I would rate the show an 8/10.

If you want to know more about how these passengers came back to life, what these “callings” are, and what happens to the Stone family, log into Netflix and click play.