Where’s The Snow?

A clear frustration with most students and is something I think we can all hope for next year.

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Where’s The Snow?

Dylan McKee, Staffer

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This school year you may have not noticed, but it has been different then the average Colorado year. With only a few snowy days, Cherry Creek School District has only had one issue with snow this year and it wasn’t even enough to cancel the whole day. After an hour delay start, the roads weren’t icy and the sun was out. Even though you would think students would be upset but not everyone is mad.


“The snow doesn’t last long enough anyways and honestly it just doesn’t bother me.” Said Junior Aliya Holub


Sticking with the class of 2019, “As much as I like trying to slide on ice while driving, not having snow days doesn’t really matter to me. If we have too many days off we make them up at the end of the year anyways.” Said Josh Heckard.


It might just be a thing with upper classmen but not everyone was feeling the same. “The lack of snow days is completely bogus! Like it’s almost spring and we’ve got a tease of a snow day with the late start but that was just a waste of time.” Said Freshmen Joe Strasser who clearly is not happy.


With a bipolar state like Colorado where weather is never constant, you never know what to expect. This week is a perfect example as there is a 80% chance of snow Saturday but with no school there’s nothing to cancel. And to make things worse, the rest of the week will be in the 60’s. There’s always next year, so make sure you wear your PJ’s inside out and flush some ice cubes down a toilet because I think we could all use a break.

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