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Welcoming incoming Juniors

Helpful tips for juniors

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High school can be a very laborious place, if you don’t take it seriously. It is important that you build a healthy relationship with your teachers and do everything they ask you to do. Your hard work and attention is a significant way to get a good grade in class. Teachers always look at the effort you put in and the progress you put out.


Junior, Kori Kelly, an incoming Senior advises all incoming Juniors, “ stay positive, and really focus when it comes to taking the ACT/SAT test. Something she’s accomplished was feeling determined with turning in work, getting involved, and representing Smoky Hill in the best way. Something I wish I could’ve done differently was payed more attention in class.”


Here are a few helpful tips from me:


  1. Get involved
  2. Stay focused
  3. Complete all homework ON TIME
  4. Ask questions
  5. Be proactive
  6. Be prepared
  7. Be on time
  8. Study
  9. Have fun


Students often get distracted by friends, associates, relationships, and things that won’t benefit students in the long run. Sometimes you have to isolate yourself from the in-crowd and the negativity. It can be helpful for you, and will allow students to focus on themselves, and what you have to get done to be successful. All you need is Confidence, the desire to learn, and materials to support your ability to want to learn and be victorious.

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Welcoming incoming Juniors