Valentines from NEHS

Valentines Day came easy for people who ordered a valentine from NEHS


Avery Bailey, Staffer

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and the National English Honor Society (NEHS) made it easy for you to get valentines for cheap.These valentines are cute, and you don’t even have to make them!

Sophomore Mckenna Heiden, a member of NEHS, shares her thoughts on the valentines.

“We are doing this (making valentines) for fun, and to help Student Government in their efforts for Make-A-Wish,” Heiden said.


The valentines were only fifty cents, it was perfect for people who needed last minute gifts.

“All the proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish of Colorado,” Heiden said


You don’t get a valentine right away though, you place an order for one, and you can say who it is from, and when you want the valentine delivered to that person.


“We hand make the valentines, and deliver them to the students that someone bought a valentine for,” Heiden said.


The valentines were sold all day today, but unfortunately they were not for sale yesterday, since it was Valentines Day.


“The valentines will not be for sale tomorrow, we are only delivering them to students,” Heiden said.


This is a great idea for Valentines Day, since it creeps up on most people and they start scrambling for presents, this is fast, easy, cheap, and for a good cause.


“NEHS has done this in the past, and we decided to do it again this year for a fundraiser,” Heiden said.


Look out for those valentines tomorrow, and happy Valentines Day!