Upcoming Underground Rapper Comes to Colorado

LUCKI preforms for Colorado and the venue is packed


Ivan Parfonov, Staffer

Hip-Hop rapper by the name of Lucki Camel Jr. or known by his stage name “LUCKI” is on his North American tour. On March 4th, he performed in Denver, Colorado at the Summit Music Hall. The concert was extremely energetic with the crowd showing its loyalty to LUCKI, knowing the lyrics to every song he played. Just being in the line, you could tell everyone was excited to see LUCKI finally perform in Colorado. People that don’t even know each other striking conversations, it’s amazing how one person can bring others together.

“I couldn’t wait to get in, there was so much excitement and intensity just in the lines themselves,” Dante Archuleta (10) said, expressing how badly he wanted to see LUCKI perform. 

“When I got in and was in the crowd you could tell everybody was hyped and could not wait for LUCKI to come out, there was already so much excitement and movement in the crowd,” Archuleta said, definitely could tell he couldn’t wait.

“Once LUCKI came on the stage I didn’t even know what to feel no words can describe this, I was listening to this guy for 2 years and now I could finally see him for the first, the music came on and I just started singing along I didn’t know what else to do I was still in shock,” Dante said.

Dante was finally able to see one of his favorite artists perform live.

Dante explained, “I was at the front of the crowd right by stage where I could actually touch LUCKI and his DJ made eye contact with me because I brought my Nintendo 3DS to record, the DJ came up and grabbed it and started recording for me and I was speechless that like never happened to me before.”

He emphasized how this concert was something special.

“After the concert ended people started walking out and I was one of the first ones out and I was standing by the back exit and I saw LUCKI come out with his guards to go to the tour van parked outside, I quickly said his name and he dapped me up which made me really happy because he’s someone I listen to,” Aiden Flores (10) said. 

This concert was an unforgettable experience for Flores and the other attendees of the concert.