Traffic Before School

What students experience with traffic before school


Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

Traffic before school can be considered annoying and time-consuming, it can make you late to your first-period class and give your tardies in the morning. At Smoky Hill High School this is a big problem that we have and need to overcome.

Classes start at 8:20 AM, which means they have to get to school at least five-ten minutes before school depending on where their first-period class is. But there is a problem. A line of traffic starts just to get dropped off and it usually starts at 8:00 and ends about 5 minutes after 8:20 keep in mind that’s when classes start.

“I just think that the traffic is unavoidable and we just need to stop having tardies the first period,” said Landen Braisted.

Landen stated that the traffic before school is just unavoidable he has to go through it every day. Landen has to leave his house twenty minutes before class just to have enough time to get to classes on time.

We asked Landen if he has ever been late to school because of the big traffic line before school and he stated, “Yes, on numerous occasions,”. This is a really big problem too because it shows how students can be missing very important information that can be hard to catch up on because there is traffic before school.

We asked some questions to freshman Joshua Clark. One of our questions was What do you think causes this line of traffic? and he told us, “It’s probably the traffic light which comes from the light right when you turn into the campus. This is because this is the only main turn into both Smoky Hill and Laredo campuses so there are many cars that go into this one turn,” said Clark.

We asked another question and that was Is there any other entrances you can take to avoid the traffic? Josh responded, “You can’t really avoid it, but in the back of the school there is one area you can get dropped off,”. This means that there is no way you can avoid this traffic but there are some ways that may decrease the time for this traffic.

Last but not least, some security officers thought about this subject.

“We recommend that students start to leave for school at least twenty minutes before to get to class on time,”. This is very helpful because now we know what time to leave for school and what other entrances students can take to get to class on time.