Track and Field Season

Track and Field is one of the many new sports in season for the Spring semester


Kiyah Enoch

Faven Getnet, Staffer

Track season has just started! Students say what they think of this new season and about the Track and Field program in general.

“It’s made me more confident and discover that I’m a leader in everything,” Kiyah Enoch (9) said.

From participating in Track and Field, athletes have found confidence in their daily life.

“Coaching track is a passion of mine. It allows me to pass on knowledge that was given to me that has been helpful on the track and in life,” Track and Field Coach Augustine Agyei said.

The Track and Field program reflects the couch’s enthusiasm for coaching and the values they place on the knowledge they have gained from their experiences.

“I’m looking forward to building the Smoky Hill Track and Field program because we’re not really a target right now. But once we start and once we get our team started, we’re going to be the one that one team to beat,” Enoch said.

Athletes have a passion for the challenge of building a successful Track and Field program and confidence in their potential to achieve this goal.

“[It] means honestly everything because that’s what I look forward to when I do come to school. I come to school and just have the excitement for Track,” Danica Azumah (11) said. Azumah has been doing track for a year now and this will mark her second season.

Athletes also see school as a sense to pursue their love for Track and Field. Their love for this sport is what keeps them engaged and focused on schoolwork.

“Track helped me prepare for football and also provided a gateway to become a dual sport athlete in college. That experience took me to many places I would not have went to otherwise,” Agyei said.

This program can also help with other skills such as other sports.

“I’ve gained kind of like a family from track. I’ve created new bonds, new people I’ve met. It’s just helped me throughout not just school but throughout life,” Azumah said.

Students have felt as if they’ve gained a family from the sport, and new close bonds.

Junior RJ Hines has been involved in Track since a young age, starting in sixth grade.

“It’s gotten me in really good shape and it’s also like learning to build up my ability to like, be on a team and work as a team instead of just as like a solo person,” Hines said, “And it’s helped with like focus and stuff like it’s a way for me to kind of escape you know.”

The sport has helped athletes get in good shape, which is necessary for a person’s health and well-being. Track and Field has helped athletes develop important teamwork skills.

“I think my favorite thing about Track is the team aspect. And just like being able to work as a team, and like not having to rely on myself only, and like being able to look for other people to help me out,” Hines said.

Athletes in Track and Field do not only rely on themselves for support but with others, they can achieve more than they could alone.

Hines says, “I’m looking forward to hopefully making it to the state meet again like last year. I’m looking forward to being able to lead the team and hopefully get more players to the state meet than last year and hopefully get a league championship.”

Athletes are looking forward to making it to the state meet again, leading the team, and winning a league championship.

“I’m looking forward to making state and standing on that podium,” Azumah said. 

This year athletes are really excited about the new Track and Field season. It’s a great opportunity for students to improve fitness, work on skills like teamwork and look forward to competing against other schools.