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Till Death Do Us Part

Coping with the unexpected.

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

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As the day ends and night falls, it jumps out of the tank and lands on the floor. Out of nowhere a foot lands on it ensuring its final death was painful yet swift. The next few days lies about its death were thrown about and sadness soon followed. Most every students first pet death is in their early childhood and not knowing how to cope their academics fall.


Besides sheer laziness, uncontrolled emotions are one of the big factors that stunts academic growth for many students. And although its good to show your sadness, if you do your grades will fall for time to cope. While if you hold your emotions back your grades may not suffer immediately but it will be released at some point and still lower the grades. To cope with the loss it seems as if socialization with a friend , an activity that’s shun upon during class can do the reverse effect and actually improve grades..


Socialization is a great way to cope with a loss of a pet or a loved one, this is due to the fact that the friend could have possible experienced a loss as well and looked to their friends to help cope too.


Being able to socialize with friends will help students be able to cope faster and thus become more motivated than before to work harder on school work. Although every loss may be different, I guarantee someone has went through the same loss as them and could help them by telling them how they were able to cope.

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Till Death Do Us Part