The Power of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is growing exponentially, what are the implications of a new social media giant?


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

Tik Tok is a new addition to a load of social media platforms that engages and completely sucks in generations from Gen Z to Gen X. 

This application that can be easily downloaded on any cellular device, and has proven its impact in several different ways. From having the power to make a teen spend hours on the app, to radiating addiction to its target audience, another social media platform has done it yet again.

“It’s [Tik Tok] literally all I do in my day, I have no hobbies except for that,” Elhonei Negusu (10) said.

Tik Tok holds the crown for the most watch time in the US according to Tech Times: “Tik Tok Videos Really Get You Hooked By Tricking your Brain”. These aren’t necessarily statistics to be proud of. 

So how did Tik Tok become so popular?

“I found out about it [Tik Tok] through one of my friends, she recommended me to try it out,” Aubrey Tibitta (11) said. 

With an audience like young teens, fear of missing out is real. It only takes one individual to download the app, enjoy it, and share it with others. 

Tik Tok is well-loved and used by adolescents across the nation for a reason.

“It [Tik Tok] can help. You can have a little fun with it and even dance with a good live scene,” Michelle Chang said (10).

According to a study by the Search Engine Journal, 56% of Tik Tok users say they can post videos on Tik Tok that they normally wouldn’t post on any other platform. This is just another small component that is a part of the bigger picture on the app’s ability to have people keep coming back.

In addition, Tik Tok also brings endless trends and viral challenges to the table for everybody to see and partake in. 

“Once somebody does it, people just start copying each other,” Chang said.

While viral challenges and trends can be harmless and fun at times, countless cases prove how they get out of hand. 

A big example is the “Devious Lick” trend that took place at the beginning of the school year when students stole and removed a random object from the school to post and upload on the app.

“People can think it’s funny but then it gets taken too far,” Negusu said.

Overall, Tik Tok being a content-filled and all in all enjoyable social media platform where individuals are allowed to express themselves is an amazing quality to have in one app. Nonetheless, there are some downfalls regarding addiction and wrongful trends but with careful moderation, Tik Tok can be harmless.