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The People Behind the Music

Learn what it truly mean to be a Band member.

Tori Griffey, Staffer

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For many people highschool can be a hard thing to go through. A lot of people are trying to find what they enjoy and who they want to be. For many students at Smoky Hill they have found a safe haven in the bad program. Many of these students have found their place in the school and many friends as well.

When Sophomore Abbigale Taylor was asked why she liked the band Program she said,” The Band Room is over all like a second home to me.” From this statement it is obvious how much of a family dynamic there is in Smoky Hill’s band. She then went on to explain that ever since her freshman year it is where she has felt the most at home.

Sophomore Casper Apodaca was asked what he would recommend for people who want to play an instrument and his advice was, ”If you really would like to play an instrument or be in band/ flags then you just need practice a lot and join outside classes.” He also said, ”If band is something that you are passionate about then it is something you should definitely try it but it takes hard work.”

The family aspect in band has not just appeared out of nowhere, it is people like Steven Walker, a Senior in the Smoky Hill Band, who incorporate the love and care to the band. He goes on to say,” I love band because it is like one giant family and I love everyone there.”  He then went on and talked about how he has been a part of Band ever since his Freshman year and has always loved it.

As people go through highschool they find many new things that they enjoy and many new friends that you might end up knowing for years down the road. The Band and Flags program at Smoky is just the place for many kids.


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The People Behind the Music