The New Coach.

With a new coach, football at SHHS enters a new era.


Caleb Benavidez, Staffer

After head football coach Tom Thenell departed Smoky for Colorado Mesa University, a new football coach has arrived. His name is Brandon Alconcel. Alconcel previously coached for Rangeview Highschool’s football team as their head coach, as well as a game-day coach for Eaglecrest Highschool.

Not only has Alconcel coached for other schools in the district, he is also a former offensive line coach for the University of Northern Colorado, as well as an offensive line coach for Adams State University.

Furthermore, Alconcel spent four seasons as Overland Highschools offensive coordinator and one season as their offensive line coach.

“I love the school. I love the program. I love the players that go to school here. I love that it’s very diverse. And that’s the kind of environment that I’m used to,” Alconcel said.

Planning for the future of football at Smoky is no easy task. “I hope that I can improve every person that I come in contact with as far as them achieving their best,” Alconcel said.