The Heartbeat Bill

Students opinions on the Heartbeat bill (Humans Rights Protection Act)

The Heartbeat Bill

Trinity Trietsch, Staffer

Recently Ohio has passed a bill which states that after 6 weeks of being pregnant a women can no longer get an abortion. Sarah Speidel, 9, who is pro choice said,”I think abortion is personal and it’s a big decision and it should not be the government’s choice.”

The bill makes no exceptions to women who have been raped or who have been involved in an act of incest. The only possible way out is if the life of the mother is at risk.

“I think that’s terrible! Not only did the woman not choose to have consensual sex, but now she can’t choose to have an abortion,” Speidel said.

The heartbeat bill, now known as the  Human Rights Protection Act, has been vetoed several times before, just recently being passed. This change was due to governor John Kasich’s opinion of this being a costly idea for the state to prove in court.

“It should be sign that it’s a bad idea since it was twice vetoed. It kind of  sucks that we have a predominantly male government who’s making the choices for us women,” Speidel said.

A point made by many others who are against abortion is that the government’s role is to protect life from the beginning to the end.

Speidel said, “It makes sense but it’s not necessarily just because I mean when is it considered life? When it comes out of you or when it’s inside of you?”

However, Cora Quattlebum, 9, is pro life and believes that abortion should not be allowed.

“I understand if you don’t want a child but you can’t just kill it. Everyone is created for a reason. That mother just took away that reason.” Quattlebaum said

Along with her pro life views, Cora believes that if a woman were to be raped or if she were involved in an act of incest that she should be able to get an abortion. But those are the only exceptions.

“It’s different if a woman was raped or was in an act of incest, I don’t think that’s okay. I also don’t think it’s fair to end a baby’s life for something it had no part in.” says Quattlebaum

Cora feels like there are many other options that you can choose oppose to just getting an abortion and taking away the life of a child.

Quattlebaum said, “If you can’t take care of a child, give them away or send them to an adoption center.”



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