The Dangers of the TikTok “Blackout Challenge”

CCSD Student in Critical Condition After Trying New TikTok Trend.

The TikTok Logo, as it appears in the app.

The TikTok Logo, as it appears in the app.

Anyone who’s been a teenager in the past couple of years should know about the popular social media app, TikTok. TikTok is just like any other social networking software, allowing users from across the globe to share trendy videos of themselves. But recently, a new trend has emerged, according to a March 31st article published by Newsweek Magazine, it is known as the “Blackout Challenge,” and it has been the cause of several kids’ deaths across the USA.

The Challenge encourages users of the app, which more than often includes teens and preteens, to hold their breath or choke themselves to the point of passing out, hints the name, “Blackout Challenge.” Just recently, a CCSD Student from one of Smoky Hill’s main feeder schools tried this deadly trend and is now at Children’s Hospital Colorado, in critical condition.

According to a March 30th article published by The Denver Post, the student’s name is Joshua Haileyesus. Haileyesus is a student at Horizon Middle School. He was at home when he grabbed a shoelace, and, attempting to do the challenge, wrapped it around his neck until he passed out. A few minutes later, his older brother came into the room, finding Haileyesus passed out on the floor. Doctors say that attempting this challenge can leave a person “Brain-Dead,” and possibly lead to death.

Dr. June Hicks, the school psychologist at SHHS, when asked her opinion on the dangers of the challenge, said, “This is extremely dangerous, both mentally and physically. These kids have a brain that is less developed than that of an adult. They see something that makes one kid popular and then they try to one-up that person to make themselves popular. For anyone who encourages kids to do that, I would encourage them to consider the harm they are doing to the victims’ friends and family.” A tip of advice given to parents and guardians across the nation is to warn their kids about the consequences and potential risks of the Blackout Challenge and to strongly encourage them not to try it.