The Buff’s Winter Breaks

How Smoky Hill students celebrated their well earned Winter Break.

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The Buff’s Winter Breaks

Walter Bustamante, Staffer

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Winter Break for Smoky Hill students is very different for a number of students whether it be because of their religion, relationships, or some other factor. Yet the fact that Winter Break allows students to go out and enjoy themselves unite them.

Nelson Wines-Tshitungi

“My winter break was good,” Nelson Wines-Tshitungi a freshman at Smoky Hill said, as he did not go to many places because he spent time at home with friends and family during Christmas.

Some students only spend time with friends and family on Winter Break.



Alejandro Domingues: “It was pretty good I mostly stayed home, a lot of family came, I went to The Denver museum and saw the attractions they had.” Alejandro Domingues a freshman at Smoky Hill said.

Some spend Winter Break at popular attractions, but Alejandro rather celebrate at his house with his family.



Juliana Loyd: My winter break was very nice, I can’t complain, we went to Disney World with my family when it was Christmas and we came back after New Years and celebrated with family.” Juliana Loyd a freshman at Smoky Hill said.

Some students leave the state to celebrate finishing half the year of school with a well-earned trip.



Samuel Peters: “I saw my family that were living in South Dakota they have a very nice house there, not only that, but it snows harder in South Dakota than in Denver it was decently fun.” Samuel Peters a Junior at Smoky Hill said.

Every student’s Winter Break is different in many ways, and these memories unite us as students who have finished their first or another semester at Smoky Hill.

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