Teenagers Sexting in High School

the problem with sexting in high school

Issac Rodriguez, Editor

20151210_224714 (2)A scandal at Cañion High School shed some light on the issue of sexting stated in an article by 9news.

Sexting is the sending of sexually explicit photos, images, texts, or email via cell phone or other device. According to an article by 9news, in some cases, teens caught sexting can be labeled as sex offenders. “It could be viewed as child pornagraphy and treated that way in the eyes of the law enforcement,” Dean Ryan Miwa said.

“People are really horrible they will send it to their friends or they will post it on Instagram and I think that’s really bad,” sophomore Kayla Galvez said.

“All social media so Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all of those are so difficult to try and rein back in because it’s so easy to take snapshots of it,” Miwa said.

Galvez said that she doesn’t think that it’s wrong if it’s kept between two people and is private.

“I think [sexting] pretty serious I think that it’s often something that is seen as ‘oh it’s not harmful. Nobody’s getting hurt by it.’ but there are a lot of different ramifications used as a piece of bullying to blackmail,” Miwa said.
In an article by 9news, according to Quinnipiac survey 42 percent of voters think that sexting is a very serious problem. Thirty-three percent said it was “somewhat serious,” and in other poll, 69 percent don’t believe that students should be expelled if they are caught.