Tampa Bay’s ‘Rays’ Hot Season Continues…

The Rays are having the best start of the season so far


Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

The Tampa Bay Rays start the season off 13-2, sweeping the Tigers, Nationals, and Athletics. They are scheduled to beat another team, the Red Sox, in a 4-game series. The Rays have some of the best batters in Major League Baseball (MLB) and there is no sign they’ll slow down. Wander Franco has a batting average above .300 to start the season and Randy Arozarenea’s spectacular season continued from the World Baseball Classic when he played for Mexico.

The Rays’ team stats don’t lie because they are first in almost every stat you can think of! The Rays are the second-best team in hitting and are on the tails of the Toronto Blue Jays. In pitching, they are ranked number 1 with the best ERA and WHIP. An ERA is earned run average which is a stat that is used to average the number of earned runs that a pitcher allowed per nine innings pitched. WHIP is the statistic that shows how well a pitcher can keep runners off basepath and the sum of walks and hits being allowed. This team will get their real challenge when they face off against the Blue Jays on Friday, Apr. 14, another outstanding team. They are also the first team to make 11-0 since 1987!

The Rays had an impressive 13-0 start but it was ended by the Blue Jays losing twice. They are still predicted to be first in their division which is the AL East, being 3 wins ahead of the Blue Jays. There is no sign of the Rays stopping with the explosive offense, lights-out defense, and pitching.