‘SOS’ SZA’s New Album Review

Picture from Spotify. “SOS” can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, and Pandora.


Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

R&B artist SZA, one of the newest and hottest R&B artists in 2022, released her newest album “SOS” on Dec 9.

After SZA released her newest single “Shirt”, everyone went wild. “Shirt” came out on Oct. 28, going viral all over Tik Tok and Spotify. She then released a teaser for “PSA”, featuring her posing in a green ring of fire as a new song. On Dec. 3, she revealed she was indeed working on a new album “SOS”.

As an avid listener to SZA, hearing she was coming out with her newest album was a big thing, having been over five years since she came out with her newest album, at the time being “Good Days”.

SZA debuted “Blind” on Saturday Night Live, then went on to pre-release “Blind”, which eventually went viral all over TikTok.  SZA then comes out to say that “SOS” will be an album with not just her newest music but already released songs, such as “I Hate You” and “Good Days”.

Starting with SZA’s biggest hits currently “Kill Bill”, “Blind”, and “Nobody Gets Me”, all going viral on social media platforms.

“Kill Bill” has a very low eerie beat, having a slight alternative feel to it. While “Blind” has an acoustic, low-beat melody. “Nobody Gets Me” has more of a slow beat, all around being a slower song.

SZA’s first song of the “SOS” soundtrack also called “SOS” reached 214.2k viewers around the U.S. “SOS” starts with very upbeat tones going into her wrapping the majority of the song.

“Used”, “Ghost in the Machine”, “Forgiveless”, and “Open Arms” all had featuring artists such as Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, and ODB also known as O’l Dirty Bastard.  All songs have a good rhythm and flow to them.

“Conceited” is a song that’s very overlooked, with a very upbeat melody all around having good energy, being the top 3 least listened to song on “SOS”.

“Far” and “Smoking on my Ex Pack” have under 130k viewers. They are both underappreciated songs as well. With “Far” having a softer slower melody, “Smoking on my Ex Pack ” is the complete opposite. Starting off With an upbeat melody, the mid-song turns into a slower beat.

Tracks 3, 4, and 5 on her albums “Seek & Destroy”, “Low”, and “Love Language” are all songs that have slow melodies in the beginning slowly turning into a faster melody.

“F2F”, really sticks out having an up-toned, lighter melody than many of her other songs. Straying from her traditional music of R&B, “F2F” comes off as more of a pop song than R&B.

SZA’s songs “Too Late” and “Notice Me” both have good melodies, good for long car rides and rode trips and have a good upbeat melody.

“Special”, one of my top songs on her album, is very slow with a low melody, same with “Gone Girl” a slower song with a slower melody, good for a more chill mood. While “Snooze” has the complete opposite but still has an R&B feel to it starts with an upbeat melody, keeping that melody throughout the song.

Coming out with more and more music her music industry is still building. Overall, I think SZA did amazing on her new album. As a growing artist, I hope she keeps getting recognition for her music, growing as an artist but also as an individual.