Smoky Hill Parking Pass

Guidelines to acquire a parking pass are too strict and expensive for the student community


Michael keegan

Parking Decal

Michael Keegan, Staffer

Smoky Hill High School parking tickets are in effect for the 2022-2023 year. Juniors and Seniors are coming in with their vehicles and getting ticketed for not having a parking decal for Smoky Hill’s High School parking lot. Students of Smoky have been saying there is a problem with this parking pass.

“Personally, I feel it’s unfair that we have to pay to park at a school we attend,” said Juan Flores (11).

The Smoky Hill parking decal is priced at 50$ for the year.

“I feel that it’s a little too overpriced because they’re gonna charge us either way, I think it should be way lower. I mean Vista Peak’s is like 20 bucks and ours is like 50 for a year,” says Flores.

According to Flores, there should be a lower price cause there are other schools with a way lower price than Smoky Hill. There are many other schools with different prices than us and why is that Smoky has the higher price and others got lower.

There are even parking tickets you will get if there is no parking decal showable on the parked vehicle. How the tickets work is 1st ticket is $25, 2nd $30, 3rd 30$, and 4th car gets towed or suspended from parking in the Smoky Hill parking lot.

“Maybe after like a couple of warnings give a ticket but literally on the first ticket, they give you a fine of 25 bucks. So maybe after like two to three warnings you can give out a fine, whatever, but like yeah, definitely not on the first,” said Flores.

As Flores said, you should not be ticketed the first time there should be warnings then if you don’t listen to the warning and keep doing it then give a ticket after a couple of warnings.

While being around in Smoky Hill classrooms there has been talking going around. Like students having to tell their parents why they got a ticket. Why should we be getting a ticket when we go to school? Some students I have talked to have said, “They think we’re random people or strangers,”.

Lamarcus Burks a Smoky Hill student was questioned about if he has gotten a ticket and how he reacted to it.

“Yes, I got a ticket and I was very mad, even my parents were upset at me I got a ticket because I go to the school where I should not have to pay for something,” said Burks (11).

As said by Burks, if you go to the school you attend, you should not be needing a ticket to park.

Looking at the paperwork for getting a parking decal it caught my eye. Seeing “Smoky Hill High School is not responsible for loss or damage occurring in the school parking lot”. What is that they take money for a parking pass but if it is stolen it’s not their fault?

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  • The paperwork they give for a parking decal


Jordan Fields has an opinion on this.

“Why are they not responsible for when your car gets stolen? They got cameras to see if something happens like I will need camera footage to see what happens to my car, at least they can help me,” said Fields.

Smoky Hill students are confused about this parking decal, tickets, and the policy. Smoky Hill students know others and themselves need to be protected at school by having permission for vehicles. But the prices are too much and tickets are for just some high school students. Smoky Hill needs to have an overview of this.