Smoky Gets Green

Smoky gets green with students wanting to open up the greenhouse again


Avery Bailey, Staffer

The Smoky Hill greenhouse has not been open for a couple of years now due to structural and sprinkler problems. Freshmen Emma Ammons and Hanna Morrison plan to start it up again for the Smoky Hill community.

Ammons and Morrison are in the process of talking to their sponsor Ryan Vaughn and the director of construction about opening up the greenhouse again.

“Right now we are in the process of talking to the director of construction, but further along the line we’d like to hopefully get more people to help us and get all the resources and funding,” Morrison said

Starting up the greenhouse again after it being shut down is sure to be a long process, so why bother? Ammons said, “I think it’s a lost art in the fact that people don’t really know how to  take care of plants, and make things thrive, so I just want to spread the love of growing plants to everyone in the school.”

When starting something new, most people have goals for what they want to do and where they want go with it.

“We want to get it up and running and having different classes using it, like the science classes, or Pro Start,” Morrison said.

Running and taking care of the greenhouse is more than a two person job, Ammons said, “We would love it if we had more people, we just have to get things approved, and we are ready to put the invitation out there.”

Good luck to the greenhouse and look out for those invitations to make this one a place everyone can enjoy!